“Only when the last prisoner of conscience has been freed, when the last torture chamber has been closed, when the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a reality for the world’s people, will our work be done.”

Dr Anthony Raju , Advocate & Founder


ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS,LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE(AICHLS) is founded by Dr. Anthony Raju  – Advocate , Supreme Court of India and a dynamic,dedicated , Internationally known HUMAN RIGHTS , PEACE ACTIVIST & SOCIAL WORKER and is one of India’s foremost voices of Human Rights.

All India council of human rights, liberties & social justice has been added as signatory to UNITED NATION GLOBAL COMPACT . The world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative with nearly 12,000 business and non-business participants in 140 countries.

 That All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice (AICHLS), is a duly registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, and is functioning with commitment to the Noble Cause of Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Justice for All, Economic Upliftment of the Underprivileged, Education, Love, Peace, Harmony and Friendship, National & International Integration by Exchange of Ideas & Ethos in India and also amongst the neighboring countries and the people of the rest of the World at large.


It has several branches in India and abroad, having Thousands of dedicated volunteers. AICHLS is a social organization for the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimized, oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the society and it cultivates awareness in them with regard to their rights. AICHLS is a highly informative secured Human Rights Agency in the service of the humanity with full Legal status.

ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE (AICHLS) volunteers are available at every corner of India through our network at :

  International Working Committee

  National Working Committee

  State Working Committee

  District Working Committee

  Block Working Committee

  Ward Working Committee , Taluka , Panchayat etc.

The works has been decided and carried forward through Various Committee viz, education, Health, Legal , etc.

AICHLS is purely a non political, Secular NGO operating with the support of its dedicated members.

AICHLS has the recognition today due to the efforts and association of Intellectuals, Philanthropist, Judges and other luminaries having contributed in a big way in our efforts to bring Awareness of not only Human Values but other social causes too.

The Leading Personalities are the part of All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice as Amabassdor for the cause from the very inception from All Over The India & International viz. His Holiness The Dalai Lama , His Holiness Acharya ( Dr.) Lokesh Muni Ji , Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamy Shri Nischalananda Saraswati of Puri , Shri Amitabh Bachchan ji , Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Saheb Ji , Ms. Jaya Prada – MP & Film Actor , Archbishop Leo Cornelio – Bhopla , Dr. Mahesh Joshi – IBS Addll. Director General Doordarshan – Govt of India. , Justice Kamleshwar Nath , Late K R Narayan (Ex- President of India) , K V Krishnamurti ( Ex- Chief Election Commissioner of India) , Dr Madhukar Angur ( Chancellor Alliance University) , Dr. Ramesh Chandra – Former Vice Chancellor – Chaudhry Charan Singh University  , Dr. Prashant Bhalla ( Chairman – Manav Rachna University)Dr. Rakesh Bhan – Chief Secretary – Jharkhand Government , Maj. General Satbir Singh (Rtd) , Imam Umer Ahmed Ilayasi – President – All India Imam organization, Lt. General Zameer Uddin Shah ( Vice Chancellor – Aligarh Muslim University) Ms Kristina Albert – Dean Utah University – USA , Shri Dinesh Gupta ( Chairman – Sadhna News Group ), Mr Manoj Dwvedi (Chairman -Shree News National Channel) , Dr. N.C. Wadhwa (IAS Retd.) (Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University) , Dr. Rajan Chopra Chancellor Mahatma Gandhi University – Meghalaya , Mr.B.B.L. Madhukar (Former MMTC Chairman) , Dr. John Dayal (Hon’ble Member National Intergration Council) (Govt. Of India) , Mr. Suresh Chauhanke  (Chairman & Editor in Chief ,Sudharshan News) ; Sister Jainath  –  Principal – Convent of Jesus & Mary Delhi ; Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Pinto (Managing Director Ryan International &  St Xavier’s Group Of Schools) ; Prof. K.K.Aggarwal Chancellor / Policy Advisor  K R MANGALAM UNIVERSITY ; Begum Yaman Khan ( Sufi Singer) ; Ms Nafisa Ali – Social Activist & Film Actor ,  Mr. Oscar Fernandez  – Hon’ble Minister – Govt. Of India. ; Mr. S. Krishna Kumar – IAS (RTD.) – Former Central Minister ; Mr. Amod K. Kanth  , (Prayas Ngo) ; Dr. Prannoy Roy , (Ndtv) ; Mr. Avinash Jain– Chairman , Arise Group , Mr. O P Singh (IPS, Diector General , National Disaster Response Force ), Mrs Deepa Malik ( Para Athelic and Arjuna Awardee) , Ms Arti Sehwag ( Chairperson , Sehwal International School) , Nalini kamilini ( World Fame Kathak Guru), Mr Joginder Singh ( Ex CBI Director) and many more………………

Dr. Balvinder Shukla (Vice Chancellor , Amity University) ; Dr. Parag Dewan (Vice Chancellor , University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies) ; Dr. R. K. Chauhan  (Vice Chancellor,  Lingaya’s University) ;  Prof.(Dr.) Nomita Aggarwal  – Director General , Lloyd Law College ; Dr. Neeta Awasthy  -Director, Raj Kumar Goel Institute Of Technology For Women ; Rev. Fr. Dr. Dominic Emmanuel  – Spokesperson & Director, Delhi Catholic Archdiocese ; Dr. A. M. Zutshi Gulzar Dehlivi – Freedom Fighter ; Dr. Rama Patnayak – Professor , Amity University ; Advocate Pavit Singh Mattewal   – Additional Advocate General – Government Of Punjab ; Dr. Sona Susan Abraham ; Mrs. Bharti Pandey – Principal – Manav Bharti International School ;

AICHLS collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers as also anti-social, anti-governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing government administration, police and courts.

AICHLS has been commemorating  the International Youth Day, World Human Rights Day, World Women’s and Peace Day, World Press Freedom Day and above all, World Human Rights Day, as also organising different meetings, seminars, conventions, assemblies, conferences, cultural programmes, Youth camps, and judiciary camps.

AICHLS has number of prestigious projects for future are lined up for execution. AICHLS is handling HUNDREDS of  Human Rights Centers all over India and has Lacks of members in the organization who are supporting the cause of Human Rights, Liberties & social Justice.

Besides making efforts in educating people of their rights, AICHLS has also been encouraging and felicitating various prominent personalities who have done commendable work in the arena of Human Welfare and protection of Human Rights every year, on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS,LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE(AICHLS) felicitates a number of Diplomates, Judges, social workers, Leaders and super stars of Indian film industry for their dedicated contribution towards betterment of the societies and others.

AICHLS opened a Legal Cell at Delhi and throughout India. Legal Services are, provided with the help of Delhi Legal Services Authority & National Legal Services Authority which are helpful to poor, down-trodden, women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, Handicapped, Children, Labour, Factory Workers and other weaker sections of the society.

AICHLS also dedicately operating a leading news site (www.newsindiatoday.tv), that raises voice against all sorts of evils and injustice boldly, simultaneously creating consciousness, awareness in the minds of the people and educating them to train their minds to be united. Through the medium of its written communication, it alerts the Government, defaces and unveils the criminals and corrupt people.

AICHLS in liaison with NGOs & Government Organization seeks mutual help for a better coordination to form a welfare society

For any legal advice to any social problems, GRATIS (COST-FREE) advice is rendered by AICHLS to the needy.

AICHLS faces and defends of its own the cases in the Courts.

AICHLS is endeavoring to open Residential Secular Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Old-Age-Homes in all parts of the Country to enhance the Government’s initiative in these sectors.

We have a lofty vision of networking with the nations in the world who solemnly agree with us to promote human values in the globe.  We are contemplating to create an innovative and integrated learning network, campus learning and community management network.  Our focus is to empower the campus and help reach out to the world to consolidate and deliver knowledge with respect to human rights issues that haunt the world today and to bring about peace, harmony and amity amongst us.

All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice a leading social organization, working for the protection of Human rights, liberties and social justice for all people at National & International Level., is pleased to extend an invitation to Every Individual to become a member of our organization.  Every Individual outstanding leadership skills and position in the professional community would be an asset to both our  society and the country. We are strongly connected nationally and internationally with  a membership of people all around the India and Abroad including  MEMBERs OF PARLIAMENT , MLA , IAS OFFICER(RTD)  ,High profile lawyers ( Supreme Court , High Court , Lower Court , Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Professionals, Journalists, RWA, bureaucrats , Retired from various Govt offices. Etc

We firmly believe that ‘INCHES MAKE CHAMPIONS’ and with this belief,   we humbly invite Every Individual to join hands with us  to become pioneers of change. However little your contribution will help us go a long way in raising issues and bringing justice to our countrymen.There cannot be a more satisfactory feeling than the one you get by doing philanthropic work. However meager your contribution could be towards enriching someone’s life, the satisfaction, emotional or social one derives out of these acts of generosity, is simply unexplainable. Be A PIONEER LEAD THE CHANGE

All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice is very well connected with a strong network of Offices in More Than 32 States Offices In India and 19 International Desk .Our Achievements can be defined as follows-





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